How I Made $12,800 In Sponsorship In One Month On YouTube With Just 2k Subs

This is the story of how I convinced a publicly listed company to give me $12,800 to make my own anime.

I shared the exact steps in a video series on my YouTube channel. So if you’d prefer to watch it, you can.

Otherwise, here’s my story:

If you’ve read my writing or follow me on YouTube then you’ll have seen my videos where I try to create an anime and pitch it to Netflix.


Creating anime is expensive and creating content is time consuming…


In order to de-risk my investment of time and money I set out to win a sponsor.

Having only been on YouTube for six months and with just 2k subs, I never expected it to be easy.


I wanted to show my audience exactly how I’d go about doing it. And I hoped, it would inspire anyone that wanted to do the same.

And in the end…

Well as I’m sure you’ve already guessed from the title, I did it!

But how exactly did I do it?

STEP #1 — Be Specific

I was very clear from the outset who I wanted and why I wanted them. I made it clear to them exactly what I would get from it, and more importantly what was in it for them.

I didn’t run around saying I want anyone to sponsor me. I called them out. PUBLICLY:

And I even went as far as spending $50 on paid ads to boost my tweet because I don’t have a Twitter following.

Now, let me be clear:

This was risky!

If Fiverr had said no, I’d have been left without another option as I’d already committed to winning them and all of my content was geared to them.

But you have to be willing to take risks. And it paid off. BIG TIME!

STEP #2 — Be Creative

Yes, that’s actually me dancing in a blow-up unicorn outfit!

Companies and even individuals with huge followings are inundated with requests.

You’re not going to stand out if you don’t do something different to get their attention.

That’s why the first rule of the Copywriting formula AIDA is Attention!

Grab your audience’s attention.

STEP #3 — Be Persistent

It can be frustrating when you don’t get a response, you might even get a no at first.

Jay-Z once said:

“The greatest thing we ever did, was not give up”.

It can be a struggle to break through to people but if we fire a thousand arrows, one might just hit.

It took me a good couple of weeks to find the right person to speak with, and even then I wasn’t guaranteed to get a yes right away. I had to sell them on the idea and the fact that I was the right person to make this happen.

Having laid out the content and taken a leap I had a portfolio that was publicly visible to them and they knew roughly how many views my content would get as well as whether or not it was entertaining (and more importantly the right fit for their brand).

First thing the team said on our very first call was :

“We’ve seen the video…”

And everyone laughed.

Which is probably an important lesson in and of it’s own:

That’s it from me. I hope you found this useful, if you did, please consider subscribing to my channel. You’ll be able to see the full series and I share every step I’ve taken up til now as well as going forward.

And if any of you are considering hiring a freelancer — be sure you use my link and get up to $100 FREE to spend on Fiverr:



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